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In the aftermath of a global pandemic, employees are burned out, unfulfilled, and disconnected. As employers step up their efforts to address workplace culture and double down on employee well-being in the fight for top talent, it’s time to invest in an approach that is grounded in science, steeped in ancient wisdom practices, and tested in leading organizations. This book integrates proven best practices from workplace well-being research with decades of management science research on workplace spirituality.

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Dr. Grossmeier has presented at more than 100 industry events, providing keynote presentations at national conferences, interactive workshops, and webinars. She is also available for podcast and media interviews.

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About Jessica Grossmeier, PhD, MPH

Dr. Jessica Grossmeier is the author of "Reimagining Workplace Well-being: Fostering a Culture of Purpose, Connection, and Transcendence." She is a leading voice in workplace well-being and was recently recognized as "one of the most influential women leaders in health promotion." She works with employers and well-being service providers to identify evidence-based practices to support employee well-being and foster a culture of health.