Jessica Grossmeier, PhD, MPH is an award-winning researcher, speaker, and author of Reimagining Workplace Well-being: Fostering a Culture of Purpose, Connection, and Transcendence. She is a leading voice in workplace well-being and was recently recognized as one of the most influential women leaders in health promotion by the American Journal of Health Promotion.


Jessica works with employers and well-being service providers to identify evidence-based practices to support employee well-being and foster a culture of health. This includes collaborative research, advising, writing, and speaking on topics related to workplace well-being best practices, measurement/evaluation, strategic planning, and value demonstration.


In her previous work as an outcomes researcher, she executed research studies demonstrating health and financial outcomes for workplace well-being programs sponsored by large national employers. Her more recent research has focused on identifying best practice approaches to superior health and business outcomes. Many of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed professional journals.


Jessica serves as a Senior Fellow for the Health Enhancement Research Organization, co-leads the Global Wellness Institute’s Workplace Wellbeing Initiative, and serves on several advisory boards. She has published more than 80 articles in professional journals and frequently presents at industry conferences, events, and webinars.


Jessica received doctoral and master’s degrees in public health, with an emphasis on community health education. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys hiking, yoga, reading, art gallery crawls, and travel which allows her to combine those interests.


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