I help employers and the well-being solution providers who serve them by identifying evidence-based practices that foster workplace well-being and a thriving workforce. This includes collaborative research, advising, and writing on topics related to:

  • Addressing workplace spirituality as part of a holistic approach to well-being
  • Developing a strategic plan for workplace well-being initiatives
  • Designing a comprehensive approach to workplace well-being
  • Measuring and evaluating program success
  • Demonstrating the value of well-being efforts
  • Identifying workplace well-being best practices

Laura Putnam, MA

CEO & Founder
Motion infusion

“Dr. Jessica Grossmeier has long been my go-to resource for insights on research in the workplace well-being space, especially as it pertains to measuring impact and translating research into action. If you’re a wellness solution provider seeking expert, evidence-based advice, look no further!”

Karla Carmony

ESSI Systems, INC.

“Jessica Grossmeier’s consulting and collaboration provided our organization with pivotal insights into how to best present our offerings and position them. As a thought leader in the workforce well-being arena, Dr. Grossmeier was instrumental in connecting us with potential acquirers in our field who were the best fit for our products and services.”

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to workplace well-being but there is a solid evidence base that identifies key strategies, practices, policies, and cultural supports necessary for an effective initiative. Research informs the development of innovative new approaches to well-being that can be tested to demonstrate value. Today’s evidence-informed innovations become tomorrow’s best practices once they have been pressure tested in a variety of real-world settings across a diversity of populations.