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Chip Conley, MBA - Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and founder of Modern Elder Academy

The workplace has incredible potential to provide opportunities for meaningful work, more enriching and supportive relationships, and moments of joy and creativity. A delightful mix of research, compelling stories, and practical insights, Reimagining Workplace Well-being inspires a new way of addressing the heart and soul of employee well-being.

Michelle Segar, PhD, MPH, University of Michigan sustainable-behavior-change researcher and author of The Joy Choice and No Sweat!
Michelle Segar, PhD, MPH - University of Michigan researcher and author of The Joy Choice and No Sweat!

Substantial research demonstrates the power of tapping into our purpose and values to help us make healthier choices and to live more meaningful, fulfilling lives. Yet how to implement this important science has remained elusive. Reimagining Workplace Well-being describes this research in easy-to-understand ways and shows us how to apply it in the creation of more holistic and pragmatic employee well-being approaches. Through science-backed insights, organizational case studies, and her own journey from burnout to thriving, Grossmeier keeps our minds engaged while also moving our hearts. Her groundbreaking and practical approach is one that even the most innovative organizations will want to know about and put to use.

Newton Cheng, MBA - Director, Global Health and Performance at Google

Reimagining Workplace Well-being is a practical book providing clear guidance for employers looking to address the core elements of human thriving. Dr. Jessica Grossmeier is one of the best in the entire field when it comes to understanding the cutting edge while also staying grounded in scientific research, as well as citing real-world examples that demonstrate how leading employers are translating this research into practice.

Laura Putnam, MA - author of Workplace Wellness That Works and CEO of Motion Infusion

Reimagining Workplace Well-Being opens the door for workplaces to truly embrace whole person well-being.  Dr. Grossmeier's sharing of her own journey, research findings and framework places this book as a must-read for all well-being practitioners and leaders responsible for creating a workplace culture where employees thrive. 


Paul Terry, PhD, Senior Fellow, Health Enhancement Research Organization and Editor of the American Journal of Health Promotion
Paul Terry, PhD - Senior Fellow, Health Enhancement Research Organization and Editor of the American Journal of Health Promotion

A tour de force, this book covers ground not represented in one place. Reimagining Workplace Well-being brilliantly merges Dr. Grossmeier’s deep knowledge of the workplace well-being field with the possibilities extant in the workplace spirituality field. I especially appreciate her role modeling of vulnerability and authenticity, with so much of her heart and soul accessible in page after page.

Renee Moorefield, PhD - CEO, Wisdom Works Group

Reimagining Workplace Well-being inspires leaders and wellness promotion professionals to include workplace spirituality in their approach to advancing health and well-being. As someone who has worked with hundreds of leaders at all levels across numerous global corporations, I can attest to the value of incorporating the elements recommended in the book into efforts to develop leaders, teams, and the work cultures. Reimagining Workplace Well-being is a terrific resource for anyone responsible for leading, whether an individual contributor, a team manager, or an organization executive.

Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD - Clinical Professor of Medicine and author of Change Your Genes, Change Your Life

Reimagining Workplace Well-being helps us move beyond check-the-box wellness programs by addressing the heart and soul of employee well-being. While heavily steeped in research, Dr. Grossmeier’s sharing of the peaks and valleys in her own professional journey kept me engaged. A refreshingly vulnerable and authentic discussion that inspires us to consider how we might create a fulfilling workplace culture that truly invites employees to bring their best selves into their work.

Patty De Vries, MA – Founder, Living Well USA
Patty De Vries, MA - Founder, Living Well USA

As organizations continue to grapple with high levels of employee burnout and unprecedented levels of turnover, a more person-centric approach is vital for our success. Reimagining Workplace Well-Being challenges us to address the core issues underlying these alarming trends by helping employees re-discover purpose and meaning in their lives. We as leaders have the opportunity to mindfully redesign how we approach our work as we foster a more authentic and caring culture. This re-imagined environment can create and nurture space for joy, growth and fulfillment for employees at all levels of the organization. Thank you, Dr. Grossmeier for this impactful and timely book.

David Anderson, PhD - Co-founder & former Chief Health Officer, StayWell

We’ve known for decades that organizational culture is the bedrock of employee well-being. Unfortunately, few employers embraced this reality – until now! Recent surges in employee burnout, mental health struggles and turnover are elevating employee well-being to its rightful position as a strategic business priority. Senior leaders are increasingly seeing the powerful connections between work culture, employee well-being and organizational performance. At the same time, more employees say they want to work in organizations that care about their well-being and offer meaningful, value-aligned work. Reimagining Workplace Well-being draws from multi-disciplinary research to offer employers a path forward, including specific practices organizations can use to foster a culture of purpose and connection that brings more joy and fulfillment to the employee experience. It’s a revolutionary book grounded in the author’s own deeply personal well-being journey, while also steeped in science and packed with practical guidance. Anyone seeking to take their employee well-being efforts to the next level will benefit from this book.

Julie Uridil - Director of Partnerships, EXOS at Google

This is the exact conversation we need to be having right now. The answer to systemic burnout issues can no longer be just about designing programs to address individual resilience. Dr. Jessica Grossmeier's approach finally gives us research-based evidence on why the onus is on us, as organizational leaders, to redirect our attention towards the role we play in organizational health.

Brandon Peele, CEO of Unity Lab and best selling author of Purpose Work Nation

My life’s work is to help others live their purpose in their lives and careers. I’ve come to realize the true power of purpose emerges when a diverse community of people activate their purpose and find their unique connection to a shared purpose. There is beauty and inspiration when we lay aside our differences in pursuit of a grander vision, to something so audacious we dare not seek it on our own. Reimagining Workplace Well-being clearly articulates the contributions that purpose, deep connection, and transcendence have on our individual and collective well-being. I recommend it to leaders who know the old way is broken. I recommend it to leaders who know deep down that just about every aspect of their organization, strategy and culture must evolve for individuals and organizations to thrive.

Jack Groppel, PhD - Co-founder, Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute

Spirituality has always been an essential dimension of human thriving but many organizations have been reluctant to address it in their approach to employee well-being. Dr. Jessica Grossmeier’s book shines light on the robust evidence-base supporting a more holistic approach to workplace well-being. As a previous collaborator and ongoing mentor, I can attest to Jessica’s discipline in walking her talk and appreciate her candor as she shares the role of spirituality in contributing to her own growth and development as a researcher and thought leader.

Karen Moseley - President & CEO, Health Enhancement Research Organization

As organizations continue to grapple with high levels of employee burnout and impacts from The Great Resignation, we must redefine the workplace and how to better support employees. With her 25+ years of experience in health and well-being, Dr. Jessica Grossmeier is just the person to connect the dots between the research and practical application for a holistic, purpose-driven approach to well-being. In Reimagining Workplace Well-Being, she models what right looks like in the authentic discussions that are necessary for this renaissance through her refreshing vulnerability as she tells stories from her own professional journey.

Jack Bastable
Jack Bastable - Founder, Vital Leadership

Over the past 40 years I have read and listened to hundreds of books, read thousands of periodicals, and participated in hundreds of experiences with the common theme of personal growth, improved performance, happiness, and ways leaders of organizations can create cultures that support employee well-being while fulfilling the mission and purpose of their organizations. I have also worked with hundreds of wellbeing services providers to introduce thousands of ideas, programs and best practices. I am more hopeful and excited about Reimagining Workplace Well-being than for any previous resource.

Lexie Dendrinelis - Founder, Living Well Leadership

Reimagining Workplace Well-Being opens the door for workplaces to truly embrace whole person well-being.  Dr. Grossmeier's sharing of her own journey, research findings and framework places this book as a must-read for all well-being practitioners and leaders responsible for creating a workplace culture where employees thrive. 


Mark Attridge, PhD, MA - Independent Scholar on Workplace Mental Health and EAPs; President, Attridge Consulting

In this insightful and integrative book, Dr. Grossmeier focuses on how employees who are burned out from modern society and the pandemic can reconnect with their work and more importantly, with themselves.  Leveraging her experience in conducting applied research and consulting with business leaders and providers of workplace wellbeing services, she weaves together a compelling narrative that is backed with science and explained with real-world examples of what is possible and why it is needed.  Her recipe for a revitalization of the workplace centers on focusing employee development initiatives more inward to discover the kind of motivation that leads to greater meaning and purpose.  Such a psychological approach is uncommon in the workplace wellness field that has emphasized the role of company leadership and organizational level interventions.

Aras Erekul, MD, MMH - SVP of Programming and Facilitation at Modern Elder Academy

In an overwhelmed and burned-out post-pandemic work ecosystem, Dr. Jessica Grossmeier is boldly and skillfully addressing the elephant in the room: the lack of meaning most professionals experience, and offers practical, evidence-based solutions. This book is a much needed spark to weave and synergize the worlds of employee well-being and conscious leadership. It gave me renewed courage and a conversation starter to re-engage executives and managers alike to lean into our nation's wicked problems.

Sarah Monley, MPH - Sr. Consultant, Population Health and Evaluation at Cardinal Health

Reimagining Workplace Well-being helps us consider the depth of a statement like ‘bringing our whole selves to work.’ Dr. Grossmeier’s refreshingly authentic discussion inspires all of us to consider the relevance of fostering purpose, connection and belonging in the workplace.

Eric Zimmerman, MBA, MPH – Chief Innovation Officer, Kumanu
Eric Zimmerman, MBA, MPH – Chief Innovation Officer, Kumanu

Reimagining Workplace Well-being comes at a crucial moment as organizational decision makers struggle to get beyond traditional employee wellness programs to something more authentic and enduring. Blending personal stories from a stellar career with the latest peer-reviewed findings from both organizational and behavioral science, Jessica inspires the reader to courageously reach for more profound impact, and to get beyond a “check-the-box” approach to wellness. In doing so, Jessica has created an important and inspiring work.

Larry Chapman, MPH - CEO, Chapman Institute

The domain of spiritual well-being has long been included in holistic wellness models, but most corporate organizations have been seemingly reluctant to address it. Reimagining Workplace Well-being is essential reading for anyone interested in a concise, coherent, evidence-based approach to workplace well-being. It provides substantial practical guidance on what it means to address the heart and soul of employee thriving and features many great examples of leading employers demonstrating the feasibility and effectiveness of the suggested approach. Truly a "must have" resource for all thoughtful wellness practitioners.

Mary Imboden, PhD - Director of Research at Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO)

Employers are looking for ways to take their workplace well-being efforts to the next level and Dr. Jessica Grossmeier points the way! Reimagining Workplace Well-Being balances a focus on what the research says about the innate human need for purpose, connection, and transcendence with practical guidance for implementation.