The Soul Solution by Vanessa Loder


A practical guide for those on the journey to a more satisfied soul





I first learned about Vanessa Loder’s book as a member of the same author’s group and was immediately intrigued by her book’s title and its focus on helping women in leadership live more satisfying, fulfilling lives. I can relate to her personal story of finding herself living a life that looked perfectly successful on paper but that felt hollow and unfulfilling. Her ideal reader is women in leadership roles who have hustled to rack up a litany of achievements and meet societal standards for excellence but who secretly long for less hectic, more meaningful days.


The Soul Solution provides practical guidance on how to transform a life of exhausting activities, hustling, and achieving to one of ease, harmony, and fulfillment. Each chapter focuses on a specific insight or strategy, helping the reader understand why it’s important, and then quickly segues into a series of tools or activities that guide the reader in applying the concept to her own life. There are plenty of examples and personal stories from the author and her clients to help apply the content. Some of the activities include challenging one’s own assumptions about the activities and ambitions that fill one’s life. This is balanced with discovery work that opens one’s mind to what could be and new possibilities.


The variety of meditation exercises, journal prompts, and activities sprinkled throughout each chapter set this book apart from many others in the self-improvement category that introduce concepts without guiding the reader through application. As such, the book requires an investment of time and mental space to work through the meditations, journal exercises, and other activities. Self-awareness is positioned as the gateway to meaningful change, and The Soul Solution does a great job of guiding the reader through activities that help the reader to better understand the underlying motivations and assumptions that influence her choices. Then there are tools that help the reader “flip the switch” and make more intentional decisions to build a more fulfilling and satisfying life. The author provides a host of free resources on her website to support the reader in identifying what matters most to her, how to live a life aligned with her values, and the daily rituals that keep the reader aligned to her purpose, values, and legacy.


Readers will not find this book helpful if they are not willing to put in the time to do the activities and exercises throughout the book. An open mind and a growth mindset are key prerequisites to gaining the potential this book offers for transformation.